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Upward Highlights Winter 2023



By having  children sports we are providing an
opportunity for healthy competition, to learn about a sport, and
 teamwork- working well with their peers. This all happens when
we, the "Adults,"  play our part by volunteering. You can
volunteer by being a coach, assistant coach, or referee.

Would you like to volunteer? Click the
"Volunteer" button below to register for
coaching, refereeing, or set-up / teardown.

Spread The Word:

Statistics show that 45.2% of people
 find out about Upwards Sports
by word-of-mouth.  Partner with us to get the word out.
Contact us at or
connect with us on our FB page to help spread
the Word.


Discounts are available for multiple kid registrations
within a single family. We also offer discounts for
Volunteers' kids.

We believe youth sports can be played in a fun environment where children learn the game, develop their skills, experience teamwork, and learn life principles that will apply both on and off the court.

Focus On Fun

Our youth basketball camps and  leagues emphasize total player development, the building of team dynamics, and healthy competition. Specially designed game rules ensure that individual players get more touches with the ball and more opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed on and off the field.

Develop Skills

Upward Basketball is designed for young athletes to discover their passion for the sport as well as improve their game through healthy competition. Each week players will participate in one hour long practice to develop their skills and one hour long game to give them a chance for healthy competition. 

Technical Life Principles 

Upward Basketball strives to develop youth mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. We don't want to simply teach players about basketball, but to equip them with team building and interpersonal skills that will help them develop beyond the basketball court.